January 13, 2021

Opening of the Competitive Electricity Market in Cyprus

The Bioland Holdings Ltd Group of Companies is pleased to inform the general public that its subsidiary Bioland Promithia Ltd has signed on December 7, 2020 the Contractual Framework for the Transitional Regulations of the Electricity Market with the Authorized Transmission System Operator to consumers on January 1, 2021.

January 1, 2021 marks a historic day for Cyprus. The opening of the Competitive Electricity Market is already a fact. Bioland Promithia is the first Electricity Supply Company in Cyprus that meets all the requirements specified in the Transitional Regulation Regulations of the Electricity Market and the first Electricity Supplier in Cyprus after the EAC.

The activation of Bioland Promithia essentially liberates and now opens the Competitive Electricity Market (transitional arrangements) for the benefit of consumers. The company’s clientele already includes well-known names of the commercial and industrial world of Cyprus.

The energy mix of Bioland Promithia consists exclusively of green energy from Photovoltaic parks, thus contributing to the protection of the environment with zero greenhouse gas emissions.

The Group feels the need to thank all the friends and associates who helped make this important event happen and to wish the whole world a happy and productive new year.


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